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Within this nicely planned community, there are lots of amenities. As a matter of fact, if you live here, you hardly see the need to go out and look for fun somewhere else. Santos Villas was designed with a residential setting in mind. 

The multipurpose hall built here is the center of activity. As its name suggests, there is a lot going on in this hall. It has a capacity to hold large meetings which means you do not have to look for space and rent somewhere else. There are lots of indoor games here including pool tables that encourage socialism and they act of people getting together and knowing one another. Living in such a community can be challenging if there is no opportunity to interact. If you feel like taking a beverage and catching up with the rest of the society, the multipurpose hall can help you accomplish that. 

Active life is the center point of Filinvest developments. Everywhere they put up houses, you will see the ample spaces they provide for people to walk, jog, and just relax. The park and playground provided for in Santos Villas is testament to that fact. The greens that spread right in front of your house inspire you to meditate and just interact with nature at its best. The playground is a great amenity especially if you have children who are super active and love outdoor activities. They can actually use this opportunity to blend with the rest of the children and get to know who your neighbors are. Everyone knows the role that children play in linking the rest of society through friendships. 

The jogging trails that are well maintained in Santos Villas are to help you exercise at your own pace. You will find lots of people on these trails and therefore you will not be alone jogging in the greens. Furthermore, the jogging trails are secured which means issues of safety should be the least of your concern while running around. 

The perimeter wall, electric fencing, and the entrance gate give you a real secured environment. Even if your house or lot is at the edge of the fencing, you have no reason to worry about security because apart from the electrified fence, there is 24/7 patrol inside and around the perimeter wall. The majestic gate at the entrance helps in controlling the flow of human traffic in and out of the community. Being such an expansive development, Santos Villas has lots of people getting in and out at anyone given moment. Thanks to the expertise and experience of the guards, they have systems running that can easily pick out anomalies and security threats. 

Power is well distributed and reliable. Filinvest is a firm believer of renewable energy and stable power supply. To this end, they have put in place solar panels and solar water heaters to harvest the natural energy for domestic use. Therefore, even if the main grid goes off, you can be assured you will have power backup simultaneously. Water supply and sewerage management is professionally done and this guarantees you that this is a place you will live with your family into the future.

  • Multi-purpose hall
  • Park and playground
  • Jogging trails
  • Access to Nusa Dua’s amenities
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